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DotaPit League Season One Announced

DotaPit League Season One Announced

We are proud to announce our first tournament, DotaPit League Season One. All semi-professional and professional DOTA 2 teams coming from North America, Latin America and Europe (including Russia) are eligible to register.


There are three stages of DotaPit League Season One Tournament, Qualification Stages, Group Stages and Finals.


Qualification Stage (Best of One Format) – This Stage will be played during one Weekend of the first Tournament Week

After the tournament Registration Phase concludes (March 15th), 128 teams are going to be selected and invited to participate in DotaPit League Season One Qualification Stage. Qualification Stage format is Best of One and is based on three elimination rounds that will be played during the same weekend.

Round One (Best of One): 128 teams enter, 64 winners.
Round Two (Best of One): 64 teams enter, 32 winners.
Round Three – Last Round of Qualification Stage (Best of One): 32 Teams enter, 16 winners.
Sixteen top ranked Qualification Stage teams will directly proceed to the second stage (Group Stages) of DotaPit League Season One Tournament.


Group Stage (Best of Three Format) – Stage Lasts for Two Weeks – Matches will be played either on Workdays / Weekends depending on the teams and their schedule:

Eight Groups, 32 Teams in Total.

Sixteen Teams are going to be directly invited to participate in DotaPit League Season One Tournament Group Stages.

Remaining Sixteen Teams have to qualify through the three elimination rounds, also known as Qualification Stage.

Group Stages will be using Best of Three tournament format and two top qualified teams from each of eight available groups will proceed to the Tournament Finals.

DotaPit League Season One Group Stage is planned to last for two weeks. During the period, each of the teams will play three tournament matches.


Tournament Finals (Best of Three and Best of Five Format) – Stage Lasts for Two Weeks – Matches will be played either on Workdays / Weekends depending on the teams and their schedule:

Total number of teams in Tournament Finals is sixteen. Those teams consists of the top 2 teams in each of the 8 groups from the Group Stage.

Round of 16, Quarter-finals and Semi-finals are played using Best of Three format. This round will last for a week or two.

Finals are being played using Best of Five tournament format and will be played on the last week of the tournament, the same day when the match for the 3rd place will be played.


Qualification Stage (Single Elimination Phase) – Last Weekend in March 2014
Group Stages – 1st and 2nd Week of April 2014
Round of 16, Quarter-finals – 3rd Week of April 2014
Semi-finals, Finals, Match for 3rd Place –  4th Week of April 2014


1st Place - $1,500
2nd Place - $1,000
3rd Place - $500


While the tournament lasts, we plan to organize various events and activities for our Tournament viewers. Our goal is to make this whole event a memorable experience for both the participants and tournament spectators.

DotaPit League Season One ticket bundle contains an item for Puck bundled with the Season Pass.

Thanks everyone for this opportunity. Let this tournament be the first of many!

Yours sincerely,

DotaPit Team

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