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Denial eSports

Denial eSports Denial eSports is a North American multi-gaming organization, making their inclusion into the DotA2 community by picking up the team previously known as Eosin +4, which disbanded a month later. Their continuation in DotA 2 led them to pick up Revenge eSports, but could not sustain the Peruvian team. They would later eventually pick up ThunderCats!, only for the team to disband in two months. Their latest roster is that of Terra Firma the all French roster.

  • Sullivan Carlotti
    Sullivan Carlotti
  • Thibault Calonne
    Thibault Calonne
  • Titouan Merloz
    Titouan Merloz
  • Sebastien Debs
    Sebastien Debs
  • Choi Jong-Bin
    Choi Jong-Bin
  • Arben Forest-Sisalem
    Arben Forest-Sisalem